Thursday, September 20

T-ara: Comeback & Controversy

Well, talking about T-ara we already that this particular group is having their worst time (ever maybe) since their debut days....this happened after their member, Hwayoung left the group. In that case, i don't really know what is the real fact...whether she leaves the group or whether her company fired i'm not a Queen, so, i don't really care.

This is her...while promoting their hit song..Day by Day ^^
but the reason why i blogging about them is because i'm really frustrating with their latest comeback...for, the concept used was very low budget and the song they are promoting called Sexy Love is not so them coz i noe they can do better...sometimes i even felt that maybe their comeback is being forced by circumstances based on what had happened.

The gals with hideous outfit and lame dance routine
For me, Hyomin is the ugliest! screw their stylist!!
Hoping for a better comeback, gals! ^^
~btw, i'm waiting to see ur concert in Malaysia this year~

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