Saturday, September 22

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon

Hari nie genap Hyoyeon 23 tahun...i'm excited cuz she's my bias...she's my noona! So, disebabkan ari nie burfday dia...rasa macam nk recap balik perubahan yang berlaku terhadap beliau ^^

nih time debut ~~ 5 Ogos 2007~~

gee gee gee gee be be be be!! ^^

sowoneul malhaebwa~~

**oppa oppa i'll be down down down down**

you better run run run run!!

chak gang mara na~~

i wanna dance rite now!! =D

well, itulah wajah2 ceria Hyoyeon yang sentiasa menghiasi grup SNSD tuh...hope she can stay in da group until the end and the group will last longer than any k-pop groups ever

i'm not a k-pop lover..i'm just a music listener but seriously, imma SONE :3

btw, i really can't wait for their upcoming comeback...hoping that it will be better than the boys and even successful than gee!

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